Simply Being with Nothing to Be


Nowhere to go, nothing to do

No reputation to build, none to defend

No possessions to amass, none to protect

This is fearlessness born of Apranihita


Simply here, simply now

Simply birth, simply death

Simply content, simply aware

Simply abiding, simply being


No time, no space

So no here, no now.

No self, no other

So no attachment, no aversion.


Letting go with nothing to let go of

Practice with no path to walk

Simply being with nothing to be

This is the all pervading wisdom of Dharmadhatu


By Ven. Edo Shonin

& Ven. William Van Gordon

The Bodhayati school of Buddhism
tHE bodhayati school of Buddhism


Welcome to the Bodhayati School of Buddhism


"Take time to stop. Take time to breathe. Take time to relax and enjoy. Constantly ask yourself where is my mind? Am i aware of it? Am i awake? Gently bring the mind back to the present moment. Be gentle with yourself. Be patient".

Ven. Edo Shonin & Ven. William Van Gordon

Taking Some Time!

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Welcome to the Bodhayati Vihara School of Buddhism. The Bodhayati School of Buddhism was founded by Ven. Edo Shonin and Ven. William Van Gordon and is made up of practitioners from most of the major Buddhist traditions as well as from many non-Buddhist religions. We operate on an entirely all welcome basis and provide a regular timetable of classes, courses, Dharma talks, Sangha days and festivals at different venues throughout the city.


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"Rare it is to meet with the Dharma, ultimate and profound. Now is the time to perceive, understand and awaken. Noble sangha, in relaxed concentration, sit at the centre of all universes, a rainbow body. Dwell in emptiness, and bask in the light of your unborn awareness". Ven Edo Shonin